In 2004 Gaz de France Production Nederland B.V. and TNO examined the possibility of CO2 injection in a nearly depleted gas field. The project was called ‘Offshore Re-injection of CO2’ (ORC). Data gathered in ORC have been used in other CO2 storage related research projects like CO2REMOVE, CO2GEONET, CASTOR, CATOCATO2, CO2CARE and various other projects.

Following the ORC project the ‘Monitoring of K12-B CO2 storage’ (MONK) project started in January 2007, where data gathering was continued in order to improve the understanding of storage mechanisms and storage integrity.

In 2015 CO2 injection is still taking place and a new monitoring plan, under the flag of the Dutch TKI gas project: Innovative tracer injection in K12-B, is being executed.

In these projects several topics related to subsurface CO2 storage are investigated such as Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR) and well integrity. It is expected that results are important to future CO2 storage projects.

Additional information about the field can be found on the publications page.